Dental sealants placed at our Williams Lake practice are effective at providing extra cavity protection for at-risk children and adults.

Average procedure time: 15 mins

Dental sealants are a plastic coating that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the molar and premolar teeth. These protective coatings greatly reduce the buildup of bacteria in the deep crevices of these teeth, keeping your mouth healthy for longer. Typically clear, tinted, or white in colour, dental sealants are an aesthetic choice as well as a preventative one.

When are dental sealants placed?

At Williams Lake Dental, we like to place dental sealants right after the teeth have grown in. The first molar erupts between six and seven years of age, with the premolars and rest of the molars following suit between age ten and thirteen. That said, it is sometimes recommended to place dental sealants on adults if they are at greater risk of cavities.

If you think dental sealants are right for you or your child, talk to us today. With our years of experience and high level of expertise in placing dental sealants, it is our mission to help you.

Make the most of your Smile.

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