Teeth extractions can be fundamental in restoring your health (and smile) if a greater issue has emerged. 

Average procedure time: 0.5 hours

When a tooth is unrecoverable by other treatments, the mouth is too crowded, or the tooth is at high risk of infection, we may opt for extraction. Our Family Dental practice is experienced in extractions, and it is our highest priority to make sure that our patients are as comfortable and relaxed as possible during this procedure.

What about wisdom teeth?

A common type of extraction performed at our Williams Lake clinic is wisdom tooth extraction. Our dentist handles wisdom tooth extraction on a case by case basis. Less severe cases can be completed in our clinic, but if a tooth is severely impacted (stuck,) we may refer you to an oral surgeon.

By the time wisdom teeth begin to appear, most people do not have enough room in their mouth to accommodate another four teeth. If that is the case, the tooth can become impacted, which can lead to further complications due to the difficulty in cleaning a hard to reach tooth. A (hard to clean) wisdom tooth can quickly begin to decay, and eventually become infected. If an infection develops, the tooth must be extracted as soon as possible, as the infection can spread to other teeth and lead to more complex health problems.

If you think you need any teeth extracted, or you have questions, talk to us.

Make the most of your Smile.

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