Dentures are removable apparatus that replace missing teeth and gum tissue. At our Williams Lake practice, we offer both complete dentures and partial dentures.

Average procedure time: Four appointments, 0.5 hours each.

Dentures help a patient who has lost some or all of their teeth cope with the issues that come with teeth loss. With dentures, a patient will be able to speak and eat properly, and they prevent sunken lower facial features associated with the loss of teeth and gum tissue. Dentures help support a natural facial structure, and keep your smile bright.

Complete dentures are used when all natural teeth are missing. These appliances are what we most often refer to as “false teeth.”

Only need to replace a few teeth?

A partial denture (partial) is used when some natural teeth remain. We will always attempt to maintain a patient’s natural teeth, as they are stronger than any replacement. Partial dentures not only fill in spaces left by lost teeth, they keep remaining teeth from shifting.

Immediate and conventional dentures?

Immediate complete dentures are made before the teeth are extracted, and can be put in place immediately after the extraction. This way, the patient doesn’t have to go without teeth for any length of time. After the gums heal and shrink, another visit to our Williams Lake clinic may be required to reline your dentures, to ensure a proper fit.

With conventional dentures, the dentures are not made until after the patient’s gums have already healed, 4-6 weeks after extraction. This ensures the best fit possible, but during this time the patient will have to go without teeth.

If you have questions about dentures, talk to us.

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